Date of birth: 24.01.1979

Photographer, artist

2013-2014 Master of photography in the British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow)

Advertorial collaboration:
Bulgari, Chanel, Omega, Lacoste, Martini, Gillette, Hennessy, Absolut Infiniti...

Personality exhibitions:

"Lost World" Los Angeles 2015
"Beginning #1" Moscow 2014 - painting
"Russian Visionaries. Into the Light":
- New York 2011
- Moscow 2012
- Paris 2012
- Brussels 2013
"Harvest" special expo project for "Prodimex" Moscow %u2013 Voronezh 2013
"World Cinema-star portraits" Kaliningrad 2013
"New York. Triptych. Reflections": Moscow 2011;
"Kinotavr Stars" Sochi 2010


"Goddesses of broadcast" Fashion and Style in Photography: Moscow 2009.
"Hockey Legends At The Red Square" Moscow 2008
"The secular character» Moscow 2007
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